Preventing Unauthorised Access
Master Lock and Safe are fully accredited installers of Paxton access control systems.

Locks and keys allow you to secure your building, but, when keys are lost or stolen, the cost of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. Keys can also be copied which further reduces the security of your buildings and assets. It is not unusual for doors secured by locks to be left unlocked all day reducing not only the security of your building and property, but also that of your staff and their property.

Master Lock and Safe Ltd. Access control keypad
Master Lock and Safe Ltd. Access control with proximity token

Access control systems provide a very efficient and convenient way of overcoming these  problems.
Installing access control means that you will never have to change a lock again. PIN codes or proximity tokens are used to admit or refuse access.
If proximity tokens are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves your company they are easily barred to prevent their further use.
Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will lock automatically when the door is closed.
Doors can be set to unlock during a designated time frame if required and staff access to specific areas of your premises can be restricted to those permitted to be there.
Access can also be restricted by time, granting access to specific users at specific times of the day.

Standalone Access Control

Standalone systems are great for smaller sites with relatively small numbers of users. Token management is simple and the system can be extended easily as your requirements change. However if tokens need to be barred or codes changed this must be carried out at each door in the system. Access can be gained by using a PIN with a keypad, a numeric code or by presenting a proximity or magstripe token depending on which type of reader is fitted.

PC based Access Control

PC based or ‘Networked’ access control systems can be used to control one or many doors in a building. They are great for medium to large sites as they make managing large numbers of doors and/or users easy.

The system can be extended very easily, and advanced features such as event reporting and integration with CCTV, lighting, alarms and other systems make this type of system more than just a replacement for a bunch of keys. Many systems also allow control of additional buildings via existing LAN/WAN.Access control systems can be integrated with our telephone entry systems and automatic doors.

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